Penta Pure 8 Stage RO Plant

(179 customer reviews)


  • 8 Stages RO Purification Process
  • 4 Gallons NSF Standards Water Storage Tank.
  • 100 Gallon Per Day Production
  • 0.0001 Micron Membrane Size
  • Remineralisation
  • Alkaline Inline Filter
  • NanoSilver AntiBacterial
  • FDA Approved Polypropylene Made Flat Cap Housing
  • Imported Cartridges and Filter Housing
  • Fully Automatic Shut-off Valve
  • Long Reach Chrome Faucet
  • Completely Assembled in Taiwan
  • 100% Factory Tested and Sterilized Ready for Installation.


Let’s take a closer look at the Penta Pure 8 Stage RO Plant of Penta Pure RO Water Purification System :

·         Stage 1

The water passes through a high capacity polypropylene sediment filter. It’s a 10-inch filter that removes all the larger particles up to 5 microns, including rust, dust and sediment. So it removes the particles that can affect the taste and color of the water or could potentially clog the system.

·         Stage 2

For the second stage, PentaPure incorporates a granular activated 10-inch carbon filter. It also eliminates contaminants up to 5 microns. This is a pre-filter for the next stage. During the second stage the water gets rid of the unpleasant chlorine, foul taste and odor, colors and cloudiness.

·         Stage 3

Next the water goes through a denser carbon block filter. It’s also a 5 micron filter that further removes any residual CTO (chlorine, taste and odor). At this stage the filter also removes the difficult-to-remove chemicals, including chloramines. This is the stage that turns the water into something you can drink.

·         Stage 4

In the 4th stage water is pressed through the heart of the Penta Pure RO system – the high rejection TFC membrane with tiny holes of .0001 micron. This is the same technology that is used by companies in the production of bottled water. This NSF certified semi-permeable membrane effectively removes TDS (total dissolved solids), lead, arsenic, sodium, cysts, giardia, chromium, and a long list of other contaminants.

·         Stage 5

The final stage utilizes a finer GAC filter, which acts as a final polishing inline filter. As the water leaves the storage tank, this filter removes any left residual tastes and odors.

·         Stage 6 – Balance Minerals

This filter improves the qualities of clean water by adding necessary Minerals for proper human development and health minerals, such as Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium and others readily found in many natural mineral waters.


·         Stage 7 – Alkaline Filter for ph Balance

The Alkaline filter changes the acidic RO water into a perfect Natural Alkali Calcium Ionized Water. The Alkaline filter simply gives back minerals such as ionized calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium ion, which were taken away while purifying the water.


·         Stage 8 – AntiBacterial NanoSilver

This filter Kill 99.9% all the remaining Bacterias & E Coli Bacterias Which is passed through RO Membranes.


179 reviews for Penta Pure 8 Stage RO Plant

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